Claudia Lifton

Claudia is the Corporate Partnerships Specialist for Mercy For Animals. In her role, she is working towards getting more restaurant chains to add plant-based options to their menus – making vegan eating more accessible for everyone.

Claudia also serves on Mayor Hancock’s Sustainability Advisory Council and Sustainable Food Policy Council working to pass policies that prioritize climate-friendly plant-based foods on menus across the city of Denver.

Previously, Claudia spent six years speaking to students, business leaders, and stakeholders about the environmental, public health, social justice, and animal welfare impacts of factory farming. Previously, she traveled throughout Africa and Southeast Asia working with local people to address concerns ranging from poaching, shark finning, overfishing, water access, animal tourism exploitation, and wildlife trafficking. She spent three summers working at Catskill Animal Sanctuary in New York helping to run Camp Kindness, a summer camp where children learned about farmed animals, plant-based diets and nutrition, and effective advocacy.