Christian Long

Christian Long

Christian Long currently serves as the Chief Growth Officer for THINK Learning Studio, the consulting, strategy, and professional development arm of the THINK Global School, the world’s first/only all-traveling, all-project-based learning, international high school.

Prior to this role, he led strategy and development for ROTO, a globally recognized design-build firm serving science centers, museums, zoos, theme parks, and other immersive experience cultural centers; he founded The WONDER Project, a design studio that helps schools and learning communities design and develop at the intersection of their mission and moonshot; he was a co-founder of WONDER, By Design, a multi-disciplinary school design studio; he co-founded The Third Teacher+ studio within CannonDesign’s global Education practice; he founded Be Playful Design and Prototype Design Labs; and he taught and directed experiential education programs in a variety of high schools across the United States.

Christian works nationally and internationally to design agile schools for the future. He regularly presents keynote addresses at conferences around the world focusing on the relationship between human-centered design and the future of education. Overall he is an unapologetic advocate for wonder and curiosity as the root of all learning worth doing.

A much older version of Christian Long – many years into the future – can be found in semi-retirement at a tree-covered summer camp where he’ll continue to marvel first-hand at the shared joy of children and adults alike.


• M.Ed. – Harvard Graduate School of Education with a concentration on School Design
• Alumni – Design Discovery program at Harvard Graduate School of Design
• Alumni – Klingenstein Institute (for Emerging School Leaders) at Teachers College, Columbia University
• B.A. – Indiana University with a degree in English and K-12 teaching certification