Christian Long

Christian Long

Christian Long is a designer, educator, and the founding partner of The WONDER Project, a design studio that helps schools and learning communities design and develop at the intersection of their mission and moonshots. Prior to that, he was a founding partner of WONDER, By Design, a multi-disciplinary school design studio; co-founded The Third Teacher+ studio within CannonDesign’s global Education practice; and founded Be Playful Design and Prototype Design Labs.

Christian works nationally and internationally with students, teachers and school leaders, educational architects, and a wide array of multi-disciplinary professionals to design agile schools for the future. He regularly presents keynote addresses at conferences around the world focusing on the relationship between human-centered design and the future of education. Overall he is an unapologetic advocate for wonder and curiosity as the root of all learning worth doing.

A much older version of Christian Long – many years into the future – can be found in semi-retirement at a tree-covered summer camp where he’ll continue to marvel first-hand at the shared joy of children and adults alike.


• M.Ed. – Harvard Graduate School of Education with a concentration on School Design
• Alumni – Design Discovery program at Harvard Graduate School of Design
• Alumni – Klingenstein Institute (for Emerging School Leaders) at Teachers College, Columbia University
• B.A. – Indiana University with a degree in English and K-12 teaching certification