Angela Whittaker, Facilitator of Solutionary Teaching and Learning

Headshot in front of curtain

Angela has dedicated her career to serving young people. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Tennessee Technological University and a master’s in education from Old Dominion University, specializing in students with emotional and learning challenges. Angela has over 28 years of expereince in education as a teacher. She designed and taught award-winning programs in environmental education and established a non-profit, Full Circle Education Center, created to address the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of students. Angela is a pragmatic visionary dedicated to redesigning K12 educational systems and instruction so they support and inspire young people to change the world for the betterment of all beings.

Angela has worked in special education, taught, designed, and written curricula for Career and Technical Education for the Virginia Department of Education, designed and taught outdoor learning and school-wide sustainability programs that won her the Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Education in 2014. She is currently serving as the Director and Lead-Teacher for Full Circle Education Center in Rice, Virginia. She and her wife live in rural Virginia where they enjoy organic gardening and a deep relationship with nature.

“To navigate the future successfully, our young people must be empowered to reengineer our human systems into sustainable and humane systems that honor and respect all life. The Solutionary Framework and approach to education offers a method to not only equip our youth with vital skills and confidence needed for reimagining and healing these systems, it also provides a way to shift the current educational pedagogy, so we inspire engaged, balanced human beings capable of redirecting humanities current trajectory.”