Alexis Greer, Online Course Faculty

Alexis GreerI had not intended on becoming an educator—I was always told it was too much work for too little pay. In my second year of college I picked up a part-time job as a second grade teacher’s aide and was immediately drawn in by the indomitable optimism and curiosity of the students, their unfettered love for discovery, and the unwavering trust they had in my ability to guide them and keep them safe. A week in, and I realized I had found my calling (or that it had found me). I changed my major and started on the path to becoming an elementary school teacher.

Being raised by devoted parents (my dad, an avid outdoorsman who taught me early on to love and respect Mother Nature and all her inhabitants—and my mom, a strong and compassionate entrepreneur who taught me how to be independent, determined, and kind) not only provided a strong personal foundation but also became a part of my classroom teaching.

I have held and continue to hold all of these pieces in my work as an educator—my love of nature and animals, of determination and kindness, and the wonder of discovery and learning. The lens of humane education has helped me to connect these portions of myself and my work to the larger and interconnected issues of human rights, environmental stewardship, animal protection, and culture and change making. Through a solutionary focus, I am able to help my students (and myself) think more critically about who they are and what they value, the choices they make, and how we can work together to create humane and sustainable ways of living in the world.


Lexie Greer holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Master of Education in Humane Education from the Institute of Humane Education and Valparaiso University. Lexie is a veteran teacher with 11 years of classroom experience. While in the classroom, she has also worked as a Reading Recovery teacher, ESL and literacy curriculum advisor, grade-level team leader, and literacy teacher leader trained through Teachers College. Lexie has also worked as a literacy consultant creating and implementing yearlong professional staff development workshops.

Lexie currently lives in Shepherdstown, WV with her husband and two dogs. She strives daily to make a practice of reading and writing, hiking with her dogs, trail running, studying yoga and meditation, and drinking green smoothies.

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