Abba Carmichael, Digital and Media Marketing Manager

Abba-Carmichael-800Originally from Atlanta, Abba Charice Carmichael grew up in a socially conscious family and submerged herself in the arts whenever possible. Following a promise to her twelve year old self, Abba moved to New York City promptly after graduating college and brought along her studies in various artistic mediums and her passion of working for “the greater good”.

She currently produces a podcast called “The Many Shades of Green“, which aims to raise environmental awareness through interviews with experts and activists in the sustainability movement. It was through her podcast that she was introduced to an IHE graduate student and became involved.

Having for years dreamt up “eco schools of the future” where education was structured around content applicable to everyday life, Abba is overwhelmed and thrilled for the opportunity to collaborate and give her heart towards expanding IHE’s mission and growing a generation of solutionaries!


In addition to her passion for building a sustainable world, Abba has developed a wide range of skills from jobs as an actress, event coordinator, project manager, sales associate, website manager and assistant buyer. Abba founded ACCiting, LLC in 2011 to grow her business as a freelance producer, casting director, website designer, marketing consultant… and anything else that sounded a little daunting but fun.

Abba spends her non-working hours enjoying great food with friends, attending live performances and traveling to explore new cultures (4 continents and 20 countries — and counting). She holds an Associates of the Arts from Young Harris College and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

She currently lives in Manhattan with her beau, their betta fish Gary and numerous plants. Abba’s lifelong goal is to grow as many friendships as possible and ignite collaboration. @abbacharice

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