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4 Apps for a Better World

by Marsha Rakestraw

As digital technology continues to expand, so do apps designed to help us in making choices that do more good and less harm and in creating a better world for all.

Here are four apps we’ve recently learned about that can help you in your goals as a conscientious citizen and engaged changemaker.

1.  iRecycle – Created by Earth 911, this free app allows you to find “local, convenient recycling opportunities,” whether at home or traveling. Supports iOS and Android versions.

2.  Cruelty Cutter – With this free app, you can scan a barcode and find out whether the product is “cruelty-free.” You can also post comments on companies’ social media sites to encourage them to make more compassionate choices, get rewarded for taking positive action, and connect with a community of people passionate about a cruelty-free world. Supports iOS and Android.

3.  Ethical Barcode – This free app strives to collate information from several organizations about how ethical and sustainable various products are. Scan a barcode and get data about that product (and company’s)  ratings related to issues such as fair labor, animal testing, palm oil, packaging, and more. Supports iOS and Android.

4.  Animal Help Now – This free app (and website) “directs anyone in the United States who encounters Wildlife Emergencies to the closest, most appropriate help, 24/7. Use it for orphaned or injured wildlife, stranded marine animals, and wildlife conflicts. Provides immediate access anywhere in the United States to wildlife rehabilitators, rescues, and hotlines, as well as humane wildlife control and veterinarians who treat wildlife.” In Colorado and Texas, the app also offers resources to help with domestic animal emergencies including emergency vets and animal abuse/neglect. Supports iOS and Android.

What are your favorite apps for a better world?

Image via Gonzalo Baeza/Flickr.