4 Video Resources for Exploring Race, Racism, Stereotypes, and Microaggressions

by Marsha Rakestraw

Talking about race, racism, and institutional oppression can be challenging, especially when many white people are feeling defensive, uncomfortable, and confused.

Videos, including those using humor, can be a great tool for introducing tough-to-talk-about conversations, and a meaningful catalyst for exploring what can be subtle, complex issues.

Here are four resources that can help.

MTV Decoded with Franchesca Ramsey is a video series that looks at issues of race, racism, and pop culture. Here’s one looking at microaggressions:

BuzzFeed has created a few videos with the theme “If X Said The Stuff White People Say.” Here’s “If Latinos Said the Stuff White People Say”:

They also have ones for “If Asians” and “If Black People” — check them all out.


Jay Smooth of Ill Doctrine offers insightful commentary about issues surrounding race, politics, pop culture, and more. One of his most popular videos is this one about “How to Tell Someone They Sound Racist”:

I, Too, Am B-CC

Students of color at a high school in Maryland share their painful experiences struggling against racism, stereotypes, and striving to be accepted for who they are:


What videos have you used to help others explore these important issues?