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4 Resources for Finding (Somewhat) Ethical Halloween Treats

by Marsha Rakestraw

This year people in the U.S. plan to spend about $2.7 billion just on Halloween candy.

And that’s a whole lot of opportunity to buy chocolate and other goodies that reflect our values of doing the most good and least harm for all.

Unfortunately there’s no one-stop resource for finding Halloween candy and other treats that don’t cause harm to people, animals, and the earth.

Our best bet for meeting that goal is to make treats ourselves, using ingredients that reflect our values.

Since the DIY option doesn’t work in many situations, here are 4 resources that can help you get a lead on finding (somewhat) ethical Halloween treats:

  1. Food Empowerment Project maintains a list of companies that offer both vegan and fair trade chocolate.
  2. keeps a list of Vegan Halloween Candy.
  3. For those who also want to avoid palm oil, the Everything Vegan blog has a list of vegan candies, as well as those that don’t include palm oil.
  4. If you want to give out something instead of candy, Green Halloween offers several suggestions for treats and treasures, though you’ll need to run them through your own ethical filter to decide which ones would work for your family.

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