The World Becomes What We Teach Workshop

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How can we best prepare our students for the important roles they must play in meeting the challenges of today’s world?

How can we help youth become creative and critical thinkers, who embody the qualities of wisdom, compassion, and integrity, and who focus their great minds and deepest values on solving systemic problems in our increasingly interdependent world?

Offered in half-day or full-day formats around the U.S. and Canada, this professional development workshop helps educators explore the pressing issues of our time and assess the role of schooling to address them. Teachers will learn how to bring global ethical issues into the classroom through innovative activities and approaches that enable their students to become conscientious changemakers and effective problem solvers for a more humane, peaceable, and healthy world.

You’ll leave this workshop equipped to bring the humane education lens to your teaching and empowered to become an even more effective and dynamic educator.


What does humane education do for you and your students?

Humane Education is an approach to teaching and learning that addresses the global consequences of our lifestyles, behaviors, and the systems we support, and teaches students to:

  • seek accurate information about the complex issues of our time and how these issues affect people, animals and the environment;
  • develop reverence, respect, and a sense of responsibility for others and for the natural world;
  • cultivate the ability to think critically and creatively and to evaluate information intelligently and objectively;
  • gain the passion and tools to successfully solve problems;
  • use the power they have to make a profound difference in the world through their individual choices, work, and actions.

Each workshop participant receives a copy of the book The Power and Promise of Humane Education by IHE President Zoe Weil, which includes strategies and sample activities educators can incorporate into their teaching in age-appropriate ways.

Whether you’re an educator, activist, or concerned citizen, The World Becomes What We Teach will help channel your passion for a better world into effective and fulfilling humane education.

For an overview of the vision that informs this workshop, please watch Zoe Weil’s TEDx talk: The World Becomes What you Teach.