Bring an IHE Workshop to Your Community

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Bring transformation to your community and your world!

Wherever you are you can host an IHE workshop in your community. We have come to schools, conference programs, institutions, non-profits, churches, groups and clubs. Many of the workshops are led by IHE’s visionary co-founder and president Zoe Weil. She is also available to lecture or perform her one woman show in tandem with the workshops.


Currently there are two types of workshops that we offer:


For Concerned Citizens & Activists:

Our MOGO (most good) Workshop is for people who want to do the most good and least harm for themselves, other people, animals, and the environment. Participants will learn powerful, enjoyable ways to create the world they want to see and the life they want to live.

IHE has trained several of our graduates to be certified MOGO Workshop instructors who can lead a MOGO Workshop in their area. Contact us for more information.


For Teachers/Educators:

Our The World Becomes What We Teach Workshop will teach participants effective ways to inspire their students (and others) to contribute to a compassionate, sustainable, peaceable world. It will also help them learn to bring the powerful, vital strategies of humane education to a variety of audiences.


Our workshops are offered frequently in schools and communities, all around the U.S., and occasionally abroad. We encourage you to host a The World Becomes What We Teach and/or MOGO workshop in your region.

For further information, please contact:, or 207.667.1025.