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2016 Online Course Dates Announced!

October 3 - November 11, 2016 – Deadline September 26


Claim your seat today for

A Better World, A Meaningful Life or

Teaching for a Positive Future


Our online courses offer powerful, transformative learning opportunities for educators, activists, and concerned citizens seeking the tools, knowledge, and motivation to align their actions with their deepest values. You will grow in your ability to become a more effective leader in creating a just, compassionate, healthy world for all.

The IHE online format allows our classes to be innovative and interactive, enables people across the globe to participate, keeps our programs affordable, provides a flexible learning environment, and quickly builds a powerful, cohesive community of learners. Courses run for six weeks.


Hear Zoe Weil detail how IHE’s life-changing online courses help you put your passion into practice.

Here are the online courses currently being offered.

Teaching for a Positive Future

Teaching for a Positive Future is our six-week online course for classroom teachers and non-traditional educators who want to inspire their students and/or community to become leaders and changemakers in creating a healthy, peaceful, and sustainable world.

A Better World, A Meaningful Life

A Better World, A Meaningful Life is our six-week long online course for personal and global transformation. It is designed to help you live a life that truly reflects your values.