Meet Our Students & Graduates

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Our graduates and students share a passion for education as key to creating a better world, and bring the lens, knowledge, and tools of humane education to whatever careers they pursue. They are innovative social changemakers applying their skills and talents across a broad range of fields, classrooms, and professions.

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Watch: Director of Education, Mary Pat Champeau, describes IHE’s graduate program in this 3 part video.


What Do Our Graduates Do?

There is no typical IHE graduate. What is common, though, is a motivation to use humane education as a lever for social change. IHE graduates and students have incorporated humane education into their teaching of all age groups and for subject areas from math, social studies, art, science, and economics, to language arts and literacy, foreign language, drama, filmmaking, architecture, design, veterinary medicine, and civics. They teach in public and private schools, from early childhood through college level. They teach teachers, they homeschool, they start schools, they effect change through education policy. Other IHE graduates have used their knowledge to:

  • found non-profit organizations dedicated to humane education
  • start successful humane education programs in their communities and schools
  • work as outreach humane educators for non-profit organizations
  • create humane education businesses
  • author and publish books
  • create public access humane education television shows
  • develop humane education centers
  • lead humane education workshops
  • bring humane education into religious education programs
  • produce and direct award-winning humane education films
  • start humane education camps
  • incorporate humane education issues into social work, law, and health care
  • bring comprehensive humane education into their existing work
  • use comprehensive humane education as a social entrepreneur


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