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Your generous contributions support the Institute for Humane Education and our work harnessing the power of humane education to help educators, activists, and citizens find positive solutions for the benefit all. Your support is an investment in a just, compassionate, healthy future. Thank you!     You will be directed to our secure donation page.    

Your donation helps create:

  • more teachers like Kim Korona (M.Ed. 2006) who, as a full-time humane educator in New York City, has taught thousands of students about pressing global issues, ignited their compassion, and propelled them to take action in creating a more just, humane and sustainable world;
  • more people like humane education filmmaker Marisa Miller Wolfson, whose brilliant documentary, Vegucated, is touring the U.S., bringing a critical humane education issue to millions. Marisa credits her participation in IHE’s humane education training workshop and our resources as important to the creation of the film and the positive response it’s garnering;
  • more high school students like Coral O’Brian and Ruby Treyball who, after a two week immersion in humane education, created a club in their school, presented to the parent association and an AP environmental science class, and are now headed to college to become solutionaries for a better world.

Thanks to your generosity, the Institute for Humane Education has trained more than 3,000 humane educators and reached hundreds of thousands of people around the world through its website and Zoe Weil’s TEDx talks—spreading the message of a just, compassionate, sustainable world. Read stories about our students, graduates, and others affected by IHE’s work. Download our 2013 Annual Report.

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IHE welcomes donations online through its secure donations page. If you prefer to donate by check or money order (U.S. funds only), send to: The Institute for Humane Education P.O. Box 260 Surry, ME 04684 If you would like a copy of our case statement, have questions about current campaigns, matching programs, legacy donations or would like to host a fundraising reception in your area, please contact Director of Development Heather Veleanu at: or (954) 854-6919.