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Criminal Justice, Restorative Justice, Prisons, and Mass Incarceration Global Issues Guide

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | Published on June 17, 2016 | Filed under Citizenship & Community, Global Issues Guides, Health, Human Rights, Language Arts, Media & Culture, Politics & Democracy, Psychology, Resources, Social Studies/History

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Latina woman draped in U.S. flag & wearing handcuffsLatina woman draped in U.S. flag & wearing handcuffs

Can Entertainment Lead to Prison Change?

Written by Zoe Weil | No Comments | Published on August 20, 2013 | Filed under Humane Connection

Four years ago I wrote a blog post titled “What Is Prison For?” Prison was on my mind because I’d been reflecting on jury duty and the moral challenge I faced, finding a defendant guilty… More

Making Amends: Some Schools Trying Restorative Justice as Alternative to Traditional Punishment

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | No Comments | Published on March 20, 2012 | Filed under Humane Connection

Image courtesy of butupa via Creative Commons. Albert Einstein said “The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.” According to a recent article by… More

What Is Prison For?

Written by Zoe Weil | No Comments | Published on January 9, 2009 | Filed under Humane Connection

Why is the U.S. prison population not only the highest in the world, but with 5% of the world’s population, why does the U.S. imprison 25% of the world’s incarcerated people? I’m not an expert… More