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Refinding Nature

Written by Jessie Huart Sullivan | No Comments | Published on April 6, 2015 | Filed under Humane Connection

by Jessie Huart Sullivan In the Institute for Humane Education graduate school residency program, I participated in Seton watching, a form of nature observation in which I sat quietly and observed a small window of… More

This is Water video screenshotThis is Water video screenshot

The Freedom of Real Education: “This is Water” (video)

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | No Comments | Published on May 15, 2013 | Filed under Humane Connection

“This is Water,” a video (9 min) featuring an excerpt of a commencement speech given by author David Foster Wallace,  offers some terrific insights on choice, mindfulness, awareness, and the real value of education. Some… More

Are You Really Seeing Your Children, Your Students, Others?

Written by blogger | No Comments | Published on November 18, 2010 | Filed under Humane Connection

by Mary Pat Champeau, IHE’s Director of Educational Programs My son’s kindergarten teacher told me once that every night before she went to sleep, she held the face of each kindergartner in her mind for… More

When You’re Making Other Plans: My Night on a Small Maine Coast Island

Written by Zoe Weil | No Comments | Published on September 16, 2009 | Filed under Humane Connection

Labor Day weekend was a beauty on the coast of Maine, and on Saturday morning I packed up some food and water, extra clothes, a sleeping bag and pad, my journal and some art supplies… More

What Happens When We Pay Attention?

Written by Zoe Weil | No Comments | Published on April 13, 2009 | Filed under Humane Connection

Visit: experimental-psychology -human-perception/ and watch the video. Make sure that you do not read the information below the video until after you have followed the instructions carefully. And don’t read the rest of this… More