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La Caja Asombrosa

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | Published on May 24, 2016 | Filed under Arts, Early Childhood, Elementary, Environmental Protection, Language Arts, Lesson Plans/Activities, Resources, Science, Spanish

La caja asombrosa se utiliza para guardar una colección de varios objetos naturales encontrados (conchas, hojas, plumas, rocas, ramas, cadáveres de insectos, etc.). Los estudiantes pueden interactuar con los objetos, inspeccionándolos, utilizando sus cinco sentidos,… More

apple with organic sticker on itapple with organic sticker on it

Behind the Label: Explore the Meanings and Motivations of Product Labels

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | No Comments | Published on May 23, 2016 | Filed under Humane Connection

  by Marsha Rakestraw When we’re able, many of us want to make more compassionate, sustainable choices. Labels on products are one tool we use to help us choose items we hope do more good… More

The Choices Program

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | Published on May 22, 2016 | Filed under Citizenship & Community, Human Rights, Media & Culture, Peace, Politics & Democracy, Resources, Social Studies/History, Websites

A program of Brown University, The Choices Program creates “curricula on current and historical international issues and offer professional development for educators.” While much of what they offer includes a fee, their Teaching With the… More

child's hand holding wormchild's hand holding worm

Killing a Worm When I Was Eight Reminded Me of My Values

Written by Guest Blogger | 1 Comment | Published on May 21, 2016 | Filed under Humane Connection

by Amanda Schmit   When I was eight-years-old I loved all animals. Cats, dogs, giant centipedes. I was very inclusive. My family had moved across the country from Palmdale, California, to Buffalo, New York, so… More

Feet standing on a rock in a riverFeet standing on a rock in a river

Explore Ecological Footprints With “Leave Only Footprints” (lesson plan)

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | No Comments | Published on May 19, 2016 | Filed under Humane Connection

Every choice we make has an impact on people, animals, and the earth. Our footprints, both physical and metaphorical, are everywhere. In the activity “Leave Only Footprints,”  participants (grades 6 and up) use paper footprints… More

Compassionate Man

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | Published on May 18, 2016 | Filed under Activism, Animal Protection, College/Adult, Food & Diet, High School, Language Arts, Media & Culture, Resources, Social Studies/History, Websites

Compassionate Man is a “monthly digital magazine that celebrates men who challenge the simplified caricature of masculinity that our culture promotes. We feature guys who are out there making the world a better place; who… More

Ice melting from glaciersIce melting from glaciers

5 Things (Social) Science Tells Us to Do When Talking About Climate Change

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | 2 Comments | Published on May 16, 2016 | Filed under Humane Connection

by Marsha Rakestraw Call it climate change, global warming, climate catastrophe, or the impending apocalypse, we’ve seen that it’s rampaging across our planet and affecting every being on earth. A new poll from the Yale… More

Kate Skwire and Clyde the roosterKate Skwire and Clyde the rooster

I Am a Humane Educator: Kate Skwire

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | No Comments | Published on May 14, 2016 | Filed under Humane Connection, Humane Education in Action

    IHE M.Ed. graduate Kate Skwire has just begun her career in humane education at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in High Falls, New York, where she leads tours for school groups and the public and… More

Woman eating piece of chocolateWoman eating piece of chocolate

Moving Beyond “It’s a Personal Choice”

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | 5 Comments | Published on May 9, 2016 | Filed under Humane Connection

  by Marsha  Rakestraw “It’s a personal choice.” If you’ve been a humane educator or changemaker for any length of time, you’ve probably heard those words frequently. You may even have said them yourself. We… More

students holding plantsstudents holding plants

Community Outreach Crew Helps Nuture Student Changemakers

Written by Betsy Farrell-Messenger | No Comments | Published on May 7, 2016 | Filed under Humane Connection

  by Betsy Farrell-Messenger The way schooling is designed today can be challenging for youth, with competing priorities such as testing, sports, homework, and extra-curricular activities — all of which create different stresses. Students are… More