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What’s New Wednesday for 10-19-16: News and Resources for Humane Educators & Changemakers

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | No Comments | Published on October 19, 2016 | Filed under Humane Connection

Each week find a round-up of selected resources, news stories, and commentary related to humane living, global ethical issues, and positive solutions. Here’s some news to know for this week: As reported by the Washington… More

Bruce FriedrichBruce Friedrich

Transforming Our Food System: An Interview With Bruce Friedrich of The Good Food Institute

Written by Zoe Weil | No Comments | Published on April 25, 2016 | Filed under Humane Connection

by Zoe Weil One of the core principles of humane education is focusing on transforming our systems so that they’re more restorative, just, and humane for all. Our food system has far-reaching effects on people,… More

factory farmed pigs crowded togetherfactory farmed pigs crowded together

Teacher Suspended for Showing Students Footage of Animal Abuse: What Should Have Happened Instead

Written by Zoe Weil | 4 Comments | Published on February 4, 2016 | Filed under Humane Connection

This blog post was originally published on Common Dreams. Reposted here under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. by Zoe Weil Michael Fields, a science teacher in the Au Gres school system in Arenac County,… More

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Pollinator Power

Written by Shannon Finch | 2 Comments | Published on August 24, 2015 | Filed under Humane Connection

by Shannon Finch According to the Pollinator Partnership, “roughly 1,000 plants grown for food, beverages, fibers, spices, and medicines need to be pollinated by animals in order to produce the goods on which we depend.”… More

Book cover: EcoliterateBook cover: Ecoliterate

Ecoliterate: How Educators Are Cultivating Emotional, Social, and Ecological Intelligence

by Daniel Goleman, Lisa Bennett, and Zenobia Barlow

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | Published on October 8, 2014 | Filed under Books, Citizenship & Community, Education, Environmental Protection, Language Arts, Resources, Science

“Ecoliterate” is a well-written, inspiring, and motivating book designed to help teachers build “on the success of social and emotional learning by addressing today’s most important ecological issues.” The authors focus on four main issues:… More

Film cover: Dive!Film cover: Dive!


by Jeremy Siefert

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | Published on September 17, 2013 | Filed under Activism, Consumerism, Food & Diet, Media & Culture, Resources, Videos/Movies

Food waste is a significant problem. Depending on which reports we consult, worldwide we humans waste between 30-50% of our food. There are increased efforts to reduce food waste in schools and in communities, but… More

A Place at the Table

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | Published on July 2, 2013 | Filed under Activism, Citizenship & Community, Food & Diet, Health, Human Rights, Politics & Democracy, Resources, Social Studies/History, Videos/Movies

A Place at the Table (84 min) explores hunger in the United States through the stories of three families and “shows how the issue could be solved forever, once the American public decides — as… More

Ron Finley TED talk screenshotRon Finley TED talk screenshot

Solutionary Spotlight: Ron Finley Says “Plant Some S&*t”

Written by Zoe Weil | No Comments | Published on May 23, 2013 | Filed under Humane Connection

  Ron Finley lives and plants food in south-central Los Angeles. He calls himself an artist, and soil is his canvas. He cares about his neighbors, who have significantly higher incidences of food-related health problems,… More

Humane Issues in the News

Written by blogger | No Comments | Published on January 2, 2013 | Filed under Humane Connection

Each week we round-up the news you need to know about humane issues, from human rights and environmental preservation, to animal protection, to media and culture, to activism, education, and changemaking. “Fixing our food problem”… More