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Book cover: Kami and the YaksBook cover: Kami and the Yaks

Kami and the Yaks

by Andrea Stenn Stryer

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | Published on January 27, 2014 | Filed under Animal Protection, Books, Children's Books, Communication, Elementary, Health, Media & Culture, Resources

Set in the Himalayas, in the midst of a search for the family’s yaks a storm hits. Kami finally finds them, but the baby yak has his leg caught in a crevice. Kami rushes to… More

Book cover: Secrets in the FireBook cover: Secrets in the Fire

Secrets in the Fire

by Henning Mankell

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | Published on January 5, 2014 | Filed under Books, Children's Books, Citizenship & Community, High School, Human Rights, Language Arts, Media & Culture, Middle School, Politics & Democracy, Resources, Social Studies/History

Sofia and her family are getting by, but when bandits sneak into the village and murder nearly everyone (including Sofia’s father), she, her mother and two siblings must flee and try to find a new… More

Book cover: Jasper's StoryBook cover: Jasper's Story

Humane Educator’s Toolbox: “Jasper’s Story” – How a Moon Bear Teaches Forgiveness & Courage

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | No Comments | Published on July 18, 2013 | Filed under Humane Connection

” … Jasper slowly ventured to the outside enclosure and then onto the grass for the very first time. His first step upon the grass would also be his first step on a path to… More

Book cover: Forgiveness GardenBook cover: Forgiveness Garden

Humane Educator’s Toolbox: The Forgiveness Garden

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | 3 Comments | Published on June 7, 2013 | Filed under Humane Connection

Unfortunately we humans often operate under the “eye for an eye” philosophy of conflict. Someone hurts us; we hurt them back. And on a worldwide level, that translates to millions of lives lost and incalculable… More

sign that says "step up"sign that says "step up"

What a Humane World Looks Like: Stepping Up

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | No Comments | Published on April 26, 2013 | Filed under Humane Connection

During the Q and A part of a presentation I gave recently on living a joyful, meaningful, examined life, one of the participants asked me: “What do you do if you’re the only one in… More

butterfly on cone flowerbutterfly on cone flower

5 Tips for Writing the Humane Education Message

Written by blogger | 2 Comments | Published on April 1, 2013 | Filed under Humane Connection, Uncategorized

This post is by Megan Pincus Kajitani, a writer, humane educator, lifestyle coach, and founder of Giraffe Revolution. We first met Megan when she took our online course, Teaching for a Positive Future. Read more… More

We Can All Be “Good Selfish” Heroes

Written by blogger | No Comments | Published on March 26, 2013 | Filed under Humane Connection, Uncategorized

Len Morris is a documentary filmmaker, journalist, and children’s rights advocate. His films include Stolen Childhoods, a global survey of child labor; Rescuing Emmanuel, a feature documentary about the 100 million children living on the… More

Humane Educator’s Toolbox: A Bullied Boy Builds Beauty From Pain in “To This Day”

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | 4 Comments | Published on February 22, 2013 | Filed under Humane Connection

All I can say is Wow. Watch this. Share it. And use it in your classroom to spark discussion, reflection, and positive action. ~ Marsha Like our blog? Please share it with others, comment, and/or… More