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Resources to Teach and Learn About Refugees and Immigration

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | Published on October 17, 2015 | Filed under Humane Connection
The content that follows was originally published on the Institute for Humane Education website at http://humaneeducation.org/blog/2015/10/17/resources-teach-learn-refugees-immigration/
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group of Syrian refugee children

Image via IHH Humanitarian Relief/Flickr.

by Marsha Rakestraw

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights outlines the basic rights that everyone in the “human family” should have access to, from sufficient food, water, and health care, to the right to security, opportunities to work, and asylum.

As millions of refugees seek new homes, and strive to escape from violence, poverty, the climate crisis, and other challenges, countries around the world struggle to respond.

A lot of fear, misinformation, and assumptions saturate the media, and citizens and governments sometimes find themselves at odds.

The issues surrounding the refugee crisis, and around issues of immigration in general, are complex. As several news outlets have mentioned, we are making history right now.

In our new global issues guide on issues related to Refugees and Immigration, you’ll find useful books, articles, videos, lesson plans, and more to help you teach and/or learn more about those important global ethical topics.