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Be a Better Solutionary: Sign Up for One of IHE’s Online Courses This Fall

Written by Marsha Rakestraw | 2 Comments | Published on September 15, 2015 | Filed under Humane Connection
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Between recent unimaginable tragedies and stories of hope the world is ripe for positive change. Embrace the power and possibility in this transition to fall and sign up for one of our online courses.

Gain knowledge, skills, and tools for helping create a better world for people, animals, and the earth. Our online courses run for six weeks and offer supportive learning environments with interaction and collaboration with fellow course members from around the globe.

Take advantage of an upcoming session, where you’ll find the freedom, support, and skills you need to put your vision for a humane world into action:

A Better World, A Meaningful Life and Teaching for a Positive Future both begin October 12.

A Better World, A Meaningful Life is designed for people passionate about personal and global transformation. It’s great for those who are new to humane education and want to put their vision for a better world and a more joyful, examined life into practice.

Teaching for a Positive Future is our course for classroom teachers and non-traditional educators (activists, parents, citizens) who want to inspire others to become changemakers and solutionaries in their communities and to create a more healthy, peaceful, and sustainable world.

We hope you will take advantage of these exciting opportunities to learn and grow with other global learners passionate about building a better world. Special discounts and scholarships are available.

Together, we can work to infuse humane education into everything everywhere.

Sign up now.