Become a Humane Educator

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Gain the skills, strategies, and tools to create a just, compassionate, healthy world for all people, animals and the earth. Become a Humane Educator!


What is Humane Education?

Humane education is founded upon the belief that human rights, environmental preservation, and animal protection are integral aspects of a just, peaceful, and healthy world—and that we are all capable of and responsible for creating such a world. Find out more about what humane education is.


What do Humane Educators do?

Humane educators share a passion for education as key to creating a better world and bring the lens, knowledge, and tools of humane education to whatever work, activism, and citizenship efforts they pursue. Humane educators are innovative social changemakers who apply their skills and talents across a broad range of fields, and have brought humane education to schools, classrooms and community groups, non-profit work and businesses, the arts and sciences, and more.

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How do I get started?

IHE offers a variety of programs and resources for people passionate about sparking positive change for people, animals, and the planet—through education.


Graduate Programs

If you want to gain comprehensive skills for integrating humane education into your work, enroll in one of the accredited online graduate programs in humane education, offered through IHE in affiliation with Valparaiso University. Programs include:

M.Ed., M.A., M.Ed. in Instructional Leadership, M.A. in Liberal Studies, and a graduate certificate.

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Workshops & Summer Institutes

Our intensive, in-person workshops and summer institutes help you learn skills and strategies for creating a better world through your teaching and changemaking. You’ll leave equipped to bring the humane education lens to your work and life and empowered to be an even more effective and dynamic educator.

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The IHE website contains an award-winning resource center full of searchable, categorized resources and tools to help support your humane education and changemaking work, including activities, videos, books, articles, websites, and more.

You can also stay connected with other humane educators and continue to expand your knowledge and resources through our e-news, blog, and social media sites.